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    About Us

    My Tour aims to increase awareness of many tourist attractions, to encourage and support travel to My Tour.
    Although associated with the My Tour National Tourist Office North America, My Tour remains an independent, non-profit, initiative to produce Web content and to offer assistance to North-American and Australian travelers interested in visiting My Tour.



    My Tour guides are expensive, so first decide what you want to do, whether it's a general tour of a city, a day of hiking, or visiting remote villages in a third-world country. Have a ball-park time allotment in mind, whether it's a half-day, a full-day, or a multi-day experience. Once you have chosen a guide, you'll probably refine your ideas based upon the guide's knowledge.

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    I am alka sharma, your tour director for your next tour. we have been working on a guide for the most important places in World. This blog is for us, but sharing it with you, it is also for you, so you can find useful information for your next tour. This is our wish.

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